Penguin and Antarctica Related Links

The Antarctic Connection - an Antarctic superstore!
Diving Under Antarctic Ice -Amazing underwater photos by Norbert Wu
Bird Species - Information on Bird Species
Penguin Science - The Adelie Penguin - Bellwether of Climate Change
Lucia deLeiris -Antarctic & Other Originals and Waterfront Print Series
Antarctica 2000 - sights, sounds, and journals
Kevin Schafer Photography - fine-art penguin and other images
International Antarctic Centre - New Zealand's Antarctic attraction
Pete & Barb's Penguin Pages - everything about penguins
New Zealand Penguins - penguins that live in New Zealand
Falklands Conservation - history and information of Falklands penguins
USA Today: Cold Science - Antarctic news features
Sphenisciform WebRing - penguin web ring
I Love Penguins WebRing - penguin web ring
Antarctica Online - Antarctic information, posters, books, CD-ROM
Extreme Images - penguins, wildlife, landscapes
The Complete Bird Community - extensive bird search engine
Enchanted World of Boxes - elegant hand-crafted wooden boxes ( including a cool penguin design )

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