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Professional Photographs for Sale! 
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Plain or Matted, 2 Standard Sizes

 Additional Custom Order Prints:
· Penguins and their World
· Penguin Personalities
· Huge Antarctic Landscapes
· Rare Blonde Penguin

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Curious Penguin Pair at the Penguin Highway [15303] 

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PenguinPix Hi-Resolution CD

You can now get your own set of high resolution images from
the PenguinPix website, plus many bonus never before seen
pictures on this user-friendly image CD!

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    - Over 120 images from our website!
    - The Blonde Penguin.
    - Majestic Antarctic Landscapes.
    - Shackleton's Hut.
    - Penguin Personalities.
    - Penguins, Seals, Emperors and Skaus in their World.
    - History of PenguinPix.
    - Enhanced Penguin Pix screensaver.
    - Bundled shareware software.
    - Convenient gallery browser provides enhanced viewing pleasure.
    - Images available in 3 high resolution formats:
    - cropped and uncropped JPEGs
    - 3.5MB Uncompressed TIFFs

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